Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I've been thinking about JJ Abrams...

And Time.

We start... with Forever Young. Written by JJ ages and ages ago when the Earth was young... or at least before my tenth birthday. Mel Gibson was still cool and we didn't see Frodo when we looked at Elijah Wood. Those were the days. Anyway, the thing that really calls out to me here is the use of time as both an enemy and a friend, and how much time works for the people in the movie. It's undeveoped, but even though I was seven years old when this movie came out, I still remembered it fifteen years later. That counts for something, right?

Moving on, we see Alias. And the answer to the question: what do you do when you screw the show up? Most producers move on. JJ jumps two years into the future. Didn't work of course, but A for effort. I think maybe the having Vaughn's wife be evil was what lost you the gig dude.

And then there was Lost, and now he's really got it going on, because... okay, remember in The X-Files season 7, when Scully got pregnant? Remember when she gave birth one year later? Obviously not one year in the show, but one year of our lives? Remember how annoying that was? Lost is like the opposite of that. The polar opposite. In four years, the characters have lived for less than one.

That's freaking awesome.

Anyone else feeling pretty good about him doing a time-travel based Trek movie?

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