Monday, October 1, 2007

They reuse this word way too much

Star Trek: The Changeling

Changelings are always misguided, is the only thing I have to say.

That, and the alien probe that Nomad joined with must have been really, really, advanced.

Somehow, a teeny tiny probe managed to destroy four billion people in a teeny tiny amount of time. Of course, Kirk gets stuck dealing with the probe. Luckily, the probe thinks Kirk is it's father (kind of the reverse of Star Wars). The probe is on a mission to sterilize all life that is imperfect. Kirk proves to the probe that it, itself, is imperfect - but not until after Scotty's had to be resuscitated and Uhura has to relearn everything she ever knew.

That's problematical, sir.


See, it is a word!

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