Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sharp little teeth.

Animated Star Trek: How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth

Some probe was spying on them, but really obviously and very traceable. So Kirk and his band of animated miscreants trace it back to a really huge ship. In fact, it's a ceramic vessel. Points for creativity there. Then they run into what Scotty calls "a wall of clay". Lol. Q's force field surrounds them, and a giant uterus attacks them. Points for disturbing images.

Suddenly, the giant uterus turns into a giant snake. More disturbing images points! The conveniently named Mr. Walking Bear at the helm recognizes the ship because he's a Comanche. The ship is the Mayan/Aztec god Kukulakan. Good thing he's around, isn't it.

Suddenly, Walking Bear vanishes, and so do Scotty and McCoy. Kirk has enough time to get mad before he, too, vanishes.

Hey, wasn't this episode "Who Mourns for Adonais?"

Kukulakan shows off to his captives for a while. In fact, he builds a pyramid.

Spock and Uhura begin sniping at each other.

Kirk manages to show off his ignorance of the Aztecs (despite his knowledge of the exact details of one day at the O.K. Corral). They manage to contradict themselves several times while figuring out that they need to explore the city that has now been built which may or may not contain a signaling device. Kirk starts shouting off the top of a pyramid, which is kind of funny to watch, and Kukulkan appears to them. They have a confrontation wherein I really just want to hear Kirk say "what does Kukulkan need with a Starship?"

Kukulkan takes them to his zoo. Kirk, somewhat idiotically, tries to convince Kukulkan of the validity of the Prime Directive. Interesting tactic. Next, they try to convince Kukulkan how wonderful they are, and in the end he blames them because his "dream is ending". Not their best moment.

Spock manages to break through the Q field (wouldn't Kukulkan notice that?). Kukulkan, naturally, decides to retaliate. Kirk and McCoy free the fiercest of Kukulkan's creatures. The one with the 2,000 volt charge. Because that's smart. Spock disables the central power source and Kirk and McCoy tranquilize the giant electric eel cat thing, which lies down to lick it's paws. Kukulkan finally allows Kirk to get a word in edgewise. Kirk makes a long-winded speech about how we don't need gods anymore. Hey, wasn't this "Who Mourns for Adonais?"

They are returned to the ship. Obligatory banter ensues.

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