Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Schizoid Man

All conclusions about right to life aside, can there be a more humiliating episode to watch? Seriously. "To know him is to love him and to love him is to know him?" I feel such pity for Brent Spiner when I watch this. Although, he did an amazing job, you can tell he's different after Graves dies - the body language completely changes.

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  1. great!someone who knows the relavance of body language.i'm one of the best body language experts in the word.i predicted the break up of brad and jenn by the expression on his face in JUST ONE PICTURE. i analyzed the body language of brent spiner and loree(n) mcbride from many photos over the years and i can GUARANTEE you that brent spiner doesn't care for loree(n) mcbride.also,loree(n) mcbrides' body language tells me that she doesn't care for HIM.therefore,if she doesn't care for him,what's she there for? answer:the cameras and the money.p.s. schitzoid man,do you have anything to do with brian eno/