Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ten MInute Trek: What is a Catspaw, anyway?

Okay, so they found a big castle. And some more mist. And a castle. They can't contact the ship, but Spock seems to feel that the castle they couldn't see from orbit has NOTHING to do with that.

So they go inside and a black cat hisses at them.

Three witches... black cat... castle. More jokes about Spock looking satanic.

And, of course, the ship loses contact with them as soon as they enter the castle.

Big told you so.

So they head deeper into the castle, following the black cat. I'm going to interject some trivia here and tell you all that this is the Halloween episode - the only episode of Classic Trek made for a holiday.

And then the floor caves in and they wake up in a dungeon. Because we're running low on Halloween themes?

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