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Ten Minute Trek: Wow, That Escalated Quickly

The Andorian Incident
ENT Season 1, Episode 7

Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
and Fred Dekker
Roxann Dawson

First Aired Oct 31, 2001
Mission Date Unknown


Jeffrey Combs as Commander Shran 
Steven Dennis as Tholos 
Bruce French as Vulcan Elder 
Jamie McShane as Tactical Crewman 
Jeff Ricketts as Keval 
Richard Tanner as Vulcan Initiate

Something alerts the Andorian's sensors - an "energy fluctuation" - which is Trekese for "I have no clue what this means," for the uninitiated.

They manage to get Malcolm and his people hidden in the tunnel before the Andorians bust into the room, but it's a close thing. NotWeyoun leaves a guard in the room just in case they're up to something.

Malcolm, meanwhile, gets in position.

The Andorian guard starts hitting on T'Pol, and Trip implies he's stinky. Oh, yeah, no crush there.

Malcolm watches the Andorian detect three new bio-signs - they're trying to pin down the location.

The Andorian hitting on T'Pol brings up Vulcan mating rituals and fights to the death. Wow, how did that not make it into public record if the Vulcans' arch-nemisisises knew about it? 

Malcolm blows out the creepy face and gets the drop on the Andorians. They start shooting and NotWeyoun escapes into the catacombs with a goon. Archer jumps the guard and there's generally a lot of grunting and sweating until Malcolm comes in and stuns the guard. The head monk expresses his displeasure, and one of the other monks decides to go into the catacombs after Archer. The head monk reminds him, "violence is no longer our way."

"We must protect what is ours."


Dramatic music and a close up on the head monk.

The Andorians are down in the reliquary. The monk tells Archer he can't go down there. He tries to go after the Andorians but Archer won't allow that. "The Andorians have seen your sacred relics. A couple of humans won't make much of a difference."

I bet you can guess what's down there.

Freaking spy equipment.

Of course, they have to do battle with NotWeyoun before they find it. Blah blah blah, shooty shooty shooty.

Funnily enough, it's the monk with his lousy aim who takes out a tapestry that's hiding a door that's sealing a room that's spying on the Andorians there in the monastery the Vulcans built. I guess Rick and Brannon were running low on dramatic irony?

So Archer opens the door, because that's what he does. And then he shows the Andorians what's behind it. Because he's fair like that.

By the way, that is one big, giant spy station.

So here's the problem with this.

Doesn't T'Pol look shocked?

Now, I think Jolene is great. She's a good actress. It's the eyes. You can see a lot in her eyes. Too bad she's playing a Vulcan.

Anyhoo, we're not talking about a little console, this thing is a whole giant underground base.

It's got employees and everything. They must have another door, because judging by the cobwebs, they were not coming in through the reliquary. Which begs the question: why is there a door in the reliquary?

Archer tells T'Pol to start taking pictures. He does not sound happy. T'Pol does it. Isn't there some conflict here? Can't Archer take the pictures? Why does he have to make T'Pol do it? This is her government. She works for them. These are her people. Not cool, Archer. Not cool. Of course, neither are the Vulcans at this moment, but that's not T'Pol's fault. She didn't know it was there.The monk holds a gun to Archer's head at this moment. Archer knocks him out.

Then he has T'Pol give NotWeyoun the scanner and tells NotWeyoun to leave. "The Vulcans violated your treaty, your people ought to know about it." Archer rounds on T'Pol. "You have a problem with that?"

Yes! Yes, she has a problem with that! I have a problem with this! She is a representative of the government that set this up. She didn't know about it, she doesn't like it, but at the end of the day, these are her people! They are defending their territory, her territory, from the Andorians. Right or wrong, impending attack or no, I think Archer's being a jerk here.

T'Pol calls Enterprise  and tells Travis that the Andorian ship is free to go.

NotWeyoun tells Archer "We're in your debt." He does not sound happy.

Archer thanks the monk he slugged for the tour.

Maybe he should stop dropping by uninvited.

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