Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ten Minute Trek: Trickster Time

The Andorian Incident
ENT Season 1, Episode 7

Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
and Fred Dekker
Roxann Dawson

First Aired Oct 31, 2001
Mission Date Unknown


Jeffrey Combs as Commander Shran 
Steven Dennis as Tholos 
Bruce French as Vulcan Elder 
Jamie McShane as Tactical Crewman 
Jeff Ricketts as Keval 
Richard Tanner as Vulcan Initiate

If you recall, yesterday, the Vulcans had just revealed that yes, they do have a hidden passage in their monastery. But they really promise they're not spying on the Andorians. Really.

So they light some torches and one of the monks takes Trip in there.

Act Three

In the passage, there's a lot of cobwebs and stuff, and some side passages. In fact, in one side passage you can see some holes in the wall, like two eyes and a mouth. Also bodies. Lots of bodies. EESHY.

Trip noticies an archway with some pretty carvings on it. His guide tells him it's the reliquary, where their sacred artifacts are.

Uh huh. Because that's why it's in the script.

So Trip gets to work on his [tech].

The Andorians come to check on the prisoners, and Trip is sleeping in the corner. When they leave, he sits back up and starts working on some equipment from the transmitter. The Vulcans give Archer the last blanket. He tries to give it to T'Pol, but she refuses. They discuss using the transporter to get a rescue team into the monastery.He wants to beam a team into the room where they're being kept. T'Pol doesn't like that plan. It is a crappy plan, to be fair.

Archer offers to share his blanket, since it's cold and all. She refuses because she hasn't taken her nasal numbing agent recently and humans are stinky. "Come on," says Archer. They continue to discuss the plan for when they get the transmitter working. Archer says they're letting the Andorians walk all over them. They verbally snipe at each other while sharing a blanket. It's good for a chuckle.

She reminds him that she has never disobeyed his orders before.

Malcolm is pacing.

A transmission comes in from Trip, who fills Malcolm in and tells him to sit tight. No rescue mission.

Archer and the monks discuss their plans. One of the monks mentions that it would be blasphemy to go into the reliquary. I bet that reliquary is really important to this episode. Trip tells them about seeing the two eyes and a mouth holes on the side of a tunnel.

Which is on the other side of this face sculpture thingy here.

The Andorians debate their mission. NotWeyoun says he is sure that the spy equipment is here. Archer starts yelling. The Andorians go to check on their prisoners. He tells NotWeyoun that he has information for him.

They take Archer to the main area where they've set up shop. Which happens to be the place with the scary face thing. Archer stalls for time. Vamp vamp vamp. One of them punches him in the kidney. Vamp. Kick to the ribs. Vamp. Vamp. Punch. Vamp. He gets to the face and throws something into the mouth. Vamp about Tycho Brahe. Punch to the face. They drag him back to the cell. "Please, I can't stand another minute with the Vulcans! Please!"

Okay, that's kind of funny.

Trip is in the catacombs, with a torch. He finds the thing Archer threw in the mouth - it's a little figurine. Now they know it's the same holes. "You know what to do, Commander," says Archer. The monks tell Archer they're not happy about what he's about to do.

Malcolm has to talk a reluctant security officer onto the transporter pad. They beam down to...

be continued.

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