Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ten minute Trek: Catspaw

"Wind shall rise
And fog descend.
So leave here, all
Or meet your end."
"Spock, comment." (that's a silly order, not that one would be given to expect better from the likes of Kirk)
"Very bad poetry, Captain."
Indeed, Spock. Indeed.
And then the astute observation that "what we have just seen is not real."
No duh. In the last 7 minutes of screen time, a dead man has called for beamup and then his corpse has threatened your ship with a curse, so of course when you beam down to the Planet of the Week, three translucent hags threaten you with Open Mic night poetry and all you can say is "not real"? What gave you that impression, Oh Logical One?
Unsurprisingly, as the see-through witches said would happen, they proceed to be blown around by wind, but the interesting part is that it stops blowing relatively quickly. Given that I know how the episode ends, you would think it would never stop blowing. McCoy tells Spock that it was a "pretty real illusion" but then, so was the dead man, Doctor. Criminy.
Then they find a castle.

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